Personal Training for Real Change

Your time is valuable and using Renacer-Fitness ensures you receive the most current fitness information, personal instruction, years of proven experience, and techniques to MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL!

The OPT model (optimum performance training for the health and fitness professional) integrates training techniques addressing muscular imbalances necessary to improve the stabilization of joint, and overall posture conditions (e.g., pigeon toes, locked knees, sway back, hunched back, and rounded shoulders). The Alexander Technique (Posture), and Yoga stretching exercises will be incorporated to ensure a rapid result. Cardiovascular training will also be included in the training package.

Services typically include:

• New Client Orientation - Gym familiarization (in-home or gym), and a basic understanding of body mechanics. This includes a basic personal fitness assessment to determine current and long-term goals.

• Individual Training Program - Personal training program development based on an individual's personal fitness assessment.

• Progress Report - Chart development and measurements, such as body composition, and flexibility assessment, to keep record of progress, and success measurement.

• Continuous re-evaluation - As progress occurs, adjustments in individual programs will be made to ensure maximum benefit!

Personal training sessions will be tailored to:

• Maximize the benefits from individual workouts

• Work on core excersises

• Incorporate form and breathing techniques

• Increase muscular tone and/or maximize strength

• Increase flexibility during movement

Training techniques are used to prevent or reduce the potential for injuries that can occur. Pre-existing injury areas will be worked safely.

Within the first week of a program, marked improvements will be noted. This is called the molding phase.

What to expect:

• Improvement in core strength and overall muscular tone

• Widening of the shoulders, back, and chest

• Increased definition in the arms, and legs

Remember that weight training is not just about lifting. A well-rounded strength, and weight lifting program includes behavioral changes in your eating habits, as well as ensuring that the nutritional content of your diet is in line with your fitness goals.