RENACER FITNESĀ as the forefront of new trends in electro-stimulation.

Electro-stimulation is used for:

• Rehabilitation and physical therapy
• Injury prevention
• Slimming isolated areas or the whole body
• Reduces cellulite in the abdomen, buttocks, and legs
• Shorter injury recovery time
• Improves muscle shape and tone
• Helps increase muscle endurance
• Used as high intensity training with intervals or HIIT
• Prevents atrophy due to lack of exercise
• Compensates imbalanced areas

This type of treatment is focused on different areas of the body, so it provides benefits such as:

• Improves the circulatory system that irrigates the muscle.
• Increases the synthesis of natural collagen
• Reduces fat accumulations and encourage their dissolution
• Improves the nutrient supply in the extremities. What is your goal?

When is electro-stimulation not recommended?

It is totally discouraged for people with pacemakers or who suffer epilepsy, have had or have circulation problems, tumors, varicose veins or thrombosis, have arrhythmias, are pregnant or suffer alterations of sensitivity. Electro-stimulation is not recommended as the only source of physical activity in sedentary people or without prior knowledge and previous experience in strength training.

Renacer FitnessĀ guarantees you a personalized workout, monitored and directed by an expert in electro-stimulation training. In just 20 minutes, one or two sessions a week, you can burn up to 2500 calories while toning and stimulating new muscle creation, activating more than 350 muscle groups with visible results after the fourth session.